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Privacy Policy
The following privacy policy offers a brief overview of what personal information will be submitted to MSPARP and how it will be used. This applies only to the information collected by the website and not information distributed by a second hand party or otherwise placed onto the public by a person(s) not affiliated with MSPARP Administrators.

Information Required for Registration

MSPARP requires the use of an email address for registration. This email will be used for account verification and to reset forgotten passwords. MSPARP will not distribute user-given information, including emails, to a third party. Emails will also be used on MSPARP’s Help System, as a means to communicate issues and resolve them, though this information is private between MSPARP Administrators and the user contacting them.

Registration information is private and encrypted, with the exception of usernames. Usernames are used to maintain contact with other users. We recommend that you do not use your real name as your username. However, account names are not distributed by MSPARP Administrators; username sharing is held at the discretion of the account holder. If a user chooses not to share their username, it will remain unobtainable to other users.

In conclusion, MSPARP collects registration info for the following reasons:

To prevent bot registration on the site.To reset passwords, if a user loses their password or forgets it.To enable account specific features.Information Stored from Browsers

MSPARP uses cookies and IP addresses to store user information, such as login data. IPs will be used for site protection, in matters such as banning and muting. Cookies and IPs will also be used for documentation purposes, such as Google Analytics. However, analytics will remain unconnected to accounts and will be used for statistical records, only. MSPARP’s Google Analytics are not open to the public.

Additional Information

MSPARP may link to other websites that are unaffiliated with its services. Please be sure to check the privacy policies of linked sites before visiting them.

MSPARP is not responsible for personal information given by account holders to other users. Our privacy policy only extends to information required for site use. Please be conscious of the consequences of exchanging personal information with strangers on the internet before sharing it in public places, such as group chats.

Users who violate MSPARP's Terms of Use may face removal from the site. Please review these terms before signing up.

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